Why we do the edit.

Video editing for social media videos

Video editing is a craft. Sure, you can do a quick tutorial online and grasp the fundamentals of how to piece footage together, but that’s just the beginning.

Making a well-constructed video relies on an experienced and creative professional to work their magic and bring together a polished vision.

Postproduction is by far the most time-consuming stage of video creation. If you have ever tried it, you will understand the hours that go into video editing. Knowing the software, the different media formats, filters, transitions, licenced music, plugins, colour grading, noise reduction, sound mixing, subtitling, and transcoding all takes time to get your head around. Then on top of that is the editing technique itself and understanding how to engage an audience.

For simple, short video content – that is pretty and genetic – we recommend checking out one of the online customizable templates – Clip ChampWe VideoAnimotoStoryblocks or even Canva.

These services are great for tech-savvy peeps that want moving content to include in the feeds.  However, to take your video production to the next level, consider Clipo. Our model provides a complete video editing service combined with consultation and education that helps you plan and shoot your own content. 

An actual human being works with you to plan, prepare, review and then create videos that will speak to your audience. The process is supportive, fun and delivers results you will proudly share with your growing audience. We really want to see small businesses use video to speak with their audience and develop a video marketing strategy that actually works. 

"The film is made in the editing room. The shooting of the film is about shopping, almost. It's like going to get all the ingredients together, and you've got to make sure before you leave the store that you got all the ingredients. And then you take those ingredients, and you can make a good cake - or not."

Book a free consultation with a Clipo producer to talk through how we can make your content shine through our remote video editing service.

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