Bioglitter Series

Little Sprouts Program

Little Sprouts Program wanted to use video to educate their audience of early childcare professionals about the problem with using normal glitter instead of biodegradeble glitter. They also wanted to provide three glitter based craft activities for kids. Clipo worked with Founder Carolyn from Little Sprouts to create a longer form educational video for presentation to staff as well as a series of shorter videos for distribution on social media platforms.



"The team at Clipo helped me every step of the way. From advising on equipment and Apps, to preparing a great script. And then they took all my footage and turned it into a polished product."

Carolyn Luder, Founder, Little Sprouts Program.​

MYO Unlimited

Melbourne Youth Orchestra

Melbourne Youth Orchestra wanted to tell the story of how they had survived and thrived through the COVID_19 pandemic. Working with the footage they had shot from a year of online activities and Zoom interviews conducted by Clipo, we crafted a short and powerful video that paid tribute to the achievements and experiences of the young musicians involved.


“The Clipo team are fantastic to deal with, utterly professional and adept at storytelling. They combine technical know-how with creative energy and have a pragmatic approach which just makes everything work. Clipo is a brilliant resource for anyone who has a modest budget but a big story to tell.”

Dorian Jones, CEO, Melbourne Youth Orchestras

Tea Blending Series

Brewed by Belinda

Brewed by Belinda worked with Clipo to produce a series of videos to showcase their skills and passion for tea blending. The series included a short promotional video for social media and longer format tea workshop videos, used to broaden this service to their online audience. The production of the workshop videos used the classic Clipo process, and the promotional video engaged our professional Clipo videographers' services.


“It was just a straightforward and clear process. And at the end of the day, (the result) was something so schmick and professional - I would never have been able to achieve it myself.”

Brewed Hellyer, Founder, Brewed by Belinda