Our Story.

Clipo is the younger sister of Singing Bowl Media, a video production agency founded by life partners John Sones and Tamsin Sharp in 2007.  

Singing Bowl Media has worked with 100’s of clients to produce 1000’s of high-quality video projects in all shapes and sizes. 

During 2020, COVID struck, and Singing Bowl Media had to find innovative ways to remotely supply video content. That’s how Clipo was conceived!

Clipo is boutique, local and fun to work with.  We’re committed to building longterm relationships with our clients. We’re like the in-house media team you wish you had!

Clipo combines innovative technology, expert coaching, and a full post-production service, to allow quality, engaging and tailored content to be created at a modest price point. We don’t just make it all for you; we aim to build production capacity, allowing clients to develop a deeper understanding of how video can be designed, created and distributed.


“Video is a powerful medium that is growing in its desire and power. Showing, instead of telling is always the best option. And from experience, it is how a clip is designed, constructed and delivered, that really decides if it will truly reach the right audience. The Clipo model allows businesses to create a video strategy that will work for them and provides the support that is needed to keep making content continually over time.”

Tamsin Sharp | Co-Founder | Creative Director


“Clipo is a different offering than a typical video agency. By building on our relationship and knowledge together with our clients, we find creative ways to fill social calendars with video content that is consistent and engaging. It’s like having your very own in-house media team, but you do the shooting when it best suits you, and we make the final outcomes professional and on-brand.”

John Sones | Co-Founder | Lead Producer